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Our new MRI Spine Course on SPONDYLOARTHROPATHIES AND ARTHROPATHIES OF THE SPINE AND SIJ is a Guided Imaging Course but with one important addition. We will have a Senior Consultant Rheumatologist joining the teaching.

This Mini-Fellowship is a combined Radiology Rheumatology Course with Dr Joe Thomas, a Senior Consultant Rheumatologist with extensive clinical experience. Whilst we will focus on Imaging, Dr Thomas will bring the very important clinical aspect which will determine, how we interpret and report a scan and he will help us to know what the Rheumatologist wants from our reports.

The focus of this Online MRI Spine course, like all our courses, is for you to be More Confident in making a diagnosis and to put out much Better Reports. Apart from the Imaging abnormalities, we make sure you understand the detailed radiological anatomy of the Spine and SIJ, essential to an accurate diagnosis. We also cover the macroscopic pathology of abnormalities in all our Mini Fellowships, which I have found makes understanding and reporting the imaging easier.

Through these workshops we aim to make you More Confident with your Diagnosis, put out Clear Reports and to have your reports and findings Respected by Clinicians.

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The Radiologist: Dr Ravi, is the Director of Radiology Education Asia and a Senior Consultant Radiologist from Australia now in Singapore. He has been teaching MSK and Spine MRI for over 10 years to Radiologists, Rheumatologists and Sports Physicians from Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, The Americas and Australia/ New Zealand. His aim in the courses is not just accumulating facts, but for you to be reporting more confidently.

His method of teaching is to simplify, without losing the essential things we need to know. For you to easily recognise the important anatomy, the relevant macroscopic pathology which helps to understand the imaging findings and for you to know where to look and what to look for. All of these help you to report a scan with Confidence and issue reports that you are proud of and will be respected by referrers.

radiology rheumatology imaging dr joe thomasThe Rheumatologist:We are really happy to have Dr Joe Thomas, Head Rheumatologist at Aster Hospital in Kochi India join us. He has vast clinical experience and a very strong interest in Imaging. He will give you the clinical perspective in imaging so that we can better interpret the scans and know what Rheumatologists want from our reports. Dr Thomas will be actively involved in the teaching and answering questions.

Why do we have a Rheumatologist? We usually assess cases and issue reports with no/minimal clinical input & feedback. That feeling is always there of not being sure of what the clinician really wants and if our reports are adequate. This is particularly a problem with Rheumatology where the clinical input makes a very big difference to the interpretation and reporting of the imaging. Dr Thomas will tell us what the Rheumatologist wants to know.


Complex information compressed into the important things you need to know and look for in order to put out a confident report.

A structured 30 Day Course with all of the things below

Guided Learning: Ask Questions

Its difficult to learn if you have doubts. Ask questions through out the course to clear your doubts.

Clinical Input

Clinical input is very important for understanding and interpreting the findings. Dr Joe Thomas a senior Rheumatologist will join us for the course.

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Radiological Anatomy

A diagnosis begins with a strong knowledge of the radiological anatomy.

Macroscopic Pathology

Understand the important macroscopic pathology of an abnormality which makes interpreting the imaging findings easier.

View Videos

Multiple Video explanations of Whats normal, Whats abnormal, Where to look and What to look for.

View Dicoms

View cases and multiple abnormalities like you do at work. With explanation of the findings.

Essential Knowledge

All the main information and facts to know about an abnormality.


Quizzes to confirm your understanding.

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Course Badges

Course Badges you can post on LinkedIn, Facebook or other Social Media.

Certificate of Completion & CPD

A Certificate that you have completed the course. Frame it or post it to Linkedin or other Social Media. 30 RANZCR Web Learning Points recognized by most international licensing bodies

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Course Access

This gives you Complete Access to the course for 6 months and any new updates.

What do people like you who attend our Mini Fellowships say

I've gained the most from this mini-fellowship... Great learning the whys of protocols and pathologies, and modifying my practice for the best outcomes.

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Dr. Obusayo Nigeria

Simple, clear & concise, excellent lectures and pacing. Money well spent!

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Dr. Spencer USA

I enjoyed the fellowship. Your way you explain the pathologies and point out the important images features is very good. You again did a very good job. Thanks!...

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Dr. Ulrike Germany


The active teaching will be run over 30 days and will cover all the major pathologies seen.

Most online courses you log on, look at the material and if you don't understand something…too bad. That is no way to learn. We show and guide you how and what to look for and how to word your report and then answer any questions you have to clear doubts. It's important to us that at the end of the Mini Fellowship that you are confident to report.

Asking questions and clearing doubts, no matter how small, is a very important part of learning. It stops the anxiety of not knowing and feeling that something is being missed. So we guide and encourage you to ask questions throughout the course.

Like our On-site workshops, asking questions and clearing doubts is a very important part of the Online Mini-Fellowship. You can ask questions and clear your doubts in the chat function in the course. We answer with a combination of text, images, audio or video.

We use a mix of Concise Posts, Diagrams, How to Videos, Full Dicom Studies & Quizzes.

We also include a chat function where you can ask questions and interact directly with Dr Ravi or Dr Thomas to clarify doubts.

Currently we have this Mini Fellowship available online however, our aim for you at the end of the course is the same for both…For you to be confident with your diagnosis, put out clear reports and to have your reports and findings respected by clinicians. Only the method of delivery is different.

Around 30-45 minutes most days. We would recommend that on weekends you try and spend some extra time reviewing what has been covered during the week. Few good things come without time and effort so you do need to set aside some time every day to get the most out of the course.


The mini-fellowship  is recognized for 30 Web Based Learning CPD points by RANZCR (Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists). One CPD Point per hour of Web Based Learning from RANZCR.

RANZCR CPD points are recognized by most Licensing and Health Authorities around the world including RCR in the UK. Please check with your individual licensing authority.

Yes, we issue a Certificate of Completion for the Courses. We will also have Course Badges that can be added to your LinkedIn Profile or shared to Social media.

The level of the online course is for people with limited to intermediate experience in Spine Arthropathies and Spondyloarthropathies MRI who wish to improve their ability to understand,  diagnose and report Spine MRI. The Mini-Fellowship course would not be suitable for you if you have significant experience in reporting Spine MRI or have done a Spine Fellowship.


You do need to be a Health Professional and the course is not open to the general public. We have Consultant and Trainee Radiologists, Rheumatologists, Orthopedic Surgeons and Sports Medicine Physicians attending our courses and the workshop will be suitable for any Medical Doctor who has an interest in or deals with MSK injuries.

By registering for the course you confirm that you are a Health Professional.

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