MCL: Deep and Superficial Ligaments

Both the deep and superficial components of the medial collateral ligament of the knee should be assessed on a knee MRI. What is the anatomy of these components?
mri knee mcl medial collateral ligament tear radiology education asia
Image Above: The Superficial MCL is straight and black with a proximal attachment at the medial epicondyle and with 2 distal attachments.

mcl tear radiology education asia

Image Above: Proximal and distal attachments of the superficial MCL. The distal most attachment is usually not seen because of the limited field of view. 

mri mcl knee deep superficial radiology education asia

Image Above: The important thing to note is that the superficial MCL has 2 sites of distal attachment where it can tear from. The more distal attachment is bout 6cm below the joint line.

mri mcl knee deep anatomy radiology education asia

Image above: There are 2 deep fibres of the MCL. The Menisco femoral ( yellow arrow) and the meniscotibial ( red arrow) which are important for stability of the meniscus.

mri mcl knee deep anatomy mri radiology education asia

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