Subscapularis Tears

  1. The best way to identify tears of the Subscapularis tendon is to look at the Sagittal PDFS first.
  2. Start at the bicipital groove and the immediate next slice medially will be subscap insertion ( Pink arrows) on the lesser tuberosity ( Yellow arrows look for flattening of the humeral head and oblique appearance of facet).
  3. The subscapularis tendon insertion is quite wide so you should see tendon attached to bone on 3- 4 slices. .
  4. There should be NO fluid in the tendon or between tendon and bone on any of these slices.
  5. Most tears occur at the superior portion of the tendon.
  6. Once the subscap insertion on the lesser tuberosity is over ( 3-4 slices) then you will see fluid ( Orange Arrows) between subscap and bone which is joint fluid and normal.

Image Above: Focal Partial tear at insertion ( Orange Arrow). Note shape of humeral head ( lesser tuberosity) which is flattened and oblique at the subscapularis insertion. Pink arrows demonstrate normal Subscap tendon with no high signal in tendon or at interface with bone.

Image Above: Orange arrows multiple tears in subscapularis tendon. Easier to appreciate this on the sagittal scans.

Image Above: Complete full thickness tear ( Orange arrows). No fibres seen inserting onto lesser tuberosity ( bald man appearance). Compare with normal.

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