Delaminating Tear and Intra Muscular Cysts.


  1. This is an intrasubstance tear ( i.e within the tendon)  which extends along the length of the tendon
  2. The tear runs parallell to the tendon.
  3. Often there will be  a connection to the articular surface.

Image Above: Delaminating tears of SST ( blue arrows) which have propagated along the length of the tendon. In the first image it arises from a foot print tear ( Orange Arrow) and in the 2nd image the tear connects with the articular surface ( Pink arrows).


  1.  Intramuscular/ musculotendinous junction cyst formation can sometimes be seen.
  2. These are due to an underlying delaminating tear.
  3. At the musculotendinous junction the delaminating tear  is arrested and fluid accumulates within the tear and cyst formation begins.
  4. Any cyst at the musculo tendinous junction should alert you to the presence of a delaminating tear. 

Image Above: Delaminating tears as they get to the musculotendinous junction form cysts ( blue arrows) .  Orange arrows = tendonosis. 

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